Fish the Spring/Summer Transition Fishing Patterns Table Rock Lake

Now is the time to fish the Spring/Summer Transition fishing patterns on Table Rock Lake.

Currently, the fish are in a post spawn pattern and are still relatively shallow. These fish can be caught on Ned Baits, split-shot rigs using Fish Doctor worms, and other similar baits throughout the day. In the morning, there is a good top-water bite as bass are feeding on schools of shad. Lucky Craft Gunfish, Whopper Ploppers and other top-water baits are producing well. Stay with the natural color patterns or a chrome bait.

 Also, before the sun gets too high, swimbaits continue to produce a lot of fish. A Kietech 3.3 on a 1/4 oz swimbait head works very well. You will want to stock up on these baits as they can become shredded after three or four fish. My clients on average have been using two to three packs a day. These baits are also great to throw when you see fish chasing shad or see minnows jumping out of the water.  

We will soon be seeing bluegill and shad spawns on the lake. Make sure your baits are mimicking the color of the forage the bass are feeding on.   

There is good news regarding the 2018 spawn on Table Rock Lake. As we were all waiting for the water temperatures to reach the 60’s and coincide with the solar patterns in April, instead we were still seeing snow and cold temperatures which kept the bass from “moving up” as expected. Nonetheless, when the temperatures finally rose, the Smallmouth followed by the Spotted bass moved into the shallows and spawned successfully. Water levels are staying relatively consistent which should result in a good survival rate of the fry. I am told that we will see these fish fully mature in approximately four years. This is good news for all of us who will be fishing Table Rock Lake in future years. 

 It’s a great time to be on the water! Please be careful out there!

Fish the Spring/Summer Transition Fishing Patterns Table Rock Lake