Fishing Basics

One of the things I enjoy about being a fishing guide is helping people with a wide variety of fishing experience. Some people want to go out and catch a big fish, some want to catch a lot of fish, some want to learn new techniques on Table Rock Lake, and some are novices who want to learn to fish.

Just like other sports, it’s always good to review the fundamentals. Remember how Coach Vince Lombardi started training camp each season? “Gentlemen, this is a football.”  I was recently reminded of this while working the Kansas City Boat Show, where there was a big display on basic fishing terms.  Since the spring fishing season is soon upon us, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Bait.”

  • Bait is an attractant added to a hook to catch fish.
  • Blade bait is a weighted fish-shaped blade made with a swinging hook. It is used to fish deep.
  • Casting Spoon is a spoon-shaped metal or hard plastic lure. It wobbles to attract fish.
  • Crank bait is a fish-like hard lure or plug, usually made of plastic or wood, that swims under the surface.
  • A Float or Bobber is attached to the line to suspend hooked bait off the bottom, and signals a hit by bobbing when a fish takes the bait.
  • A Jig is a lure that is molded on special hooks and rigged with a hair tail or soft plastic skirt or worm.
  • A Leader is a length of stranded material tied between the end of the line and the lure or hook.
  • Line is specialized string that is used for fishing.
  • Lure is any artificial item designed to attract fish and is fitted with hooks.
  • Sinker is a weight of lead or other metals designed to sink a hooked bait or lure.
  • Spinner blades rotate around the straight wire shaft of these weighted-body hooked lures.
  • Strike “hit” by a fish taking a lure or bait.
  • Trolling is a method of slowly running a boat while pulling lures or bait.

Whether you are a novice or a pro, Let’s Go Fishing!

Glenn Rosser, USCG Licensed Fishing Guide

Fishing Basics
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