Table Rock Lake Flood, May 1

Table Rock Lake is currently flooded with the water surface at an elevation of 934.6. This is well above a summer pool stage of 916. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the lake basically being “shut down” as there are no ramps above the water and most docks have a large space between them and the shore. 

Beaver Lake, which feeds Table Rock is at flood stage and Bull Shoals, where Table Rock’s water goes is also flooded. This means that there will be a “balancing act” for the Crop of Engineers as they try to regulate the water being drained from the lake. They will also have to regulate the flow from Beaver without causing further flooding of Table Rock. 

There is a good side to all of this in that this will result in the lake being at “full pool” when the water recedes and this will put a lot of fish in the shallows near all the new cover. Those who enjoy flipping and pitching techniques will get their chance to use them. With the off colored water in the creeks, fish will be more “object oriented” and that is when these techniques really pay off! 

Those boaters who venture out when the ramps are available need to be vigilant as they travel across the lake as there will be a lot of underwater obstructions traveling down the river as they make their way to the dam. Please make sure you wear you kill switches and life preservers while traveling in these conditions. 

 On another note, I want to make everyone aware of a tournament that will take place this fall here on Table Rock Lake. Pink Fishing, an organization that promotes breast cancer awareness through the sport of fishing will be putting on a tournament October 21st. The tournament will launch from Schooner Creek Resort and gets started at 5:00 a.m.  

Also, the annual Cops for Kids tournament that was scheduled to take place this week has been moved to October 10th. This is another tournament supporting a great cause and one that is a pleasure to fish.  

Hopefully, some of you can participate in one of these tournaments.  

Table Rock Lake Flood, May 1